Summer Easiness

(Bershka top, Zara shoes and necklace)

Yesterday I had the best road trip of my life. Me and my boyfriend (Dim) woke up really really early this morning to pack the last minute things, eat a proper breakfast and get ready. We started from Athens and our final stop would be Vathia. So on the way to Vathia the road was empty, well... few cars here and there but the point is that we could drive and watch the amazing view around us without stressing about the traffic. Thirty minutes before we arrive to Vathia we desided to make a quick stop in Eretria to have a walk on the beach and take some photos. But although the place was great and peaceful we couldn't stand the hot day. Apparently, we have chosen one of the hotest days of the year to have our road trip. So after 10 minutes we went back to the car and continued our route. Arriving to Vathia we went to Dim's parents house where we all together and his sister spend the day. Two of the things I wanted to do in Vathia was eating ice-cream from an amazig place (something like cafeteria but not exactly) where the owners make real homemade ice-cream in the most insane flavors and the at the night went to a restaurant by the see and eat octopus and stuff like this. But in the end after eating the great meal Dim's mother had prepared for us with all those different meals I was full; and neither ice-cream neither octopus could measure up with all the goodies I have eaten. Well after that we couldn't leave without going to beach to watch the sunset and before leaving to Athens we had a great walk on the beach and where all the restorants with my lovely octopus where. The truth is we are planning to go again to Vathia for more days this time... so I can eat and the amazing homemade food and the ice-cream and the octopus.

So let's talk a little bit about my photos in this post. I was hanging out with my friend Jo wearing my summer comfortable clothes. In the summer I barely wear any make-up and because I have a hard time coping with the heat I am trying to wear comfortable clothes all the time.

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  1. you really have an adorable face!! :))