Heleny Maist for WhatiWear.com / Athens X-clusive Designers Week Day 3

(Zara jeans, Bershka top & bag )

Can't wait to tell you how excited I am because of the fact that WhatiWear.com chose me to be their representative at Athens X-clusive Designers Week. I was so honored. That said, I had to take photos of some people for an upcoming post about the street style of the event. The post is now published on the site and you can find it here. Also, I want to thank my friend Dimitra Stav who helped me by taking some of the photos. Actually you can check her (and her outfit) in the post where she looks stunning.
The shows on the third day were amazing. So many different styles by so many great designers. In the next days I will make a post sharing with you my favorite looks of the week. 

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