I have wet hair and cold toes and i am a child of the moon

(Zara dress & belt, Accessoriez necklace & bracelets) 

Still hot here in Greece. Looks like I wouldn't wear my warm clothes for some days. And here comes the feeling when you need to wear your new-bought clothes but you can't because of the weather. So, what can one do but wait?

This week I had a great trip to Thessaloniki. I love so much this town and I always have the best time there. Of course I went several times to Tsimiski Street  for shopping for me and friends. I truly believe that shopping at Tsimiski Street is one of the best reasons to visit Thessaloniki. It's absolutely amazing there.
The funny think about this trip was that I was planning to return two days earlier from the beginning, to surprise my boyfriend who stayed in Athens. I love surprising my closest friends but this one was the funniest think ever. I only wish I had a video camera on me to record the moment. Maybe the next time...


  1. looks amazing!


  2. Gorgeous dress! You look stunning.

    Just came accross your blog and I like it a lot. What do you think if we follow each other via GFC? Kisses,

    Paint me in the landscape